About Us



BACUMA Foundation is a company behind Basotho Cultural Music Awards, to be known as BACUMA. Basotho Cultural Music Awards were founded by Mr Molefi Mabote, Ms. Mats’eliso Thella and Mr, Morusu Hlalele in 2019.
BACUMA will be inaugurated in 2020 to promote and preserve Basotho rich art and cultural heritage through acknowledging, celebrating and awarding Basotho artists and music creators. BACUMA is aimed at inspiring traditional creativity and enriching Basotho legacy through art and creative industry.

Besides preserving our culture through art and music, BACUMA aims to achieve the following:

  • Cultural exchange programme formed of Lesotho and South African Basotho engaged in creating an understanding, partnership, and cooperation amongst Basotho individuals and groups in support of elimination of poverty, violence and gender persecution, youth exploitation and ethnic hatred through arts and cultural celebrations and awards programme in a form of music, dialogue and theatre.

Basotho has a long standing history in the arts, culture and creativity industry, which spans as far back as early 1920s, during the development of famo music, which adopted European instruments, concertina (known as korosetina in Sesotho) and accordion (koriana).

This and other forms of traditional Basotho music were highly commercialised since 1960s and Basotho artists could make a living from these traditional music. Because of the increased number of famo artists and limited market, a famo gang war amongst famo artists began, which is somehow similar to the east coast –west coast rivalries in the mid-90s, but with less talking and more shootings.

Over 300 famo artists have been killed in the past year alone. This has left widows, orphans and has also created ethnic hatred amongst fighting famo groups. A need to find a long lasting solution is therefore long overdue.


BACUMA is formed to create understanding and engagement amongst Basotho artists in different genre in the effort to find everlasting peace and also to facilitate cooperation between Basotho living in Lesotho and South Africa through art and cultural exchange programme in the form of music, dialogue and theatre.
After all, we are one nation, hence our slogan “Re chabana sa khomo”, was chosen in line with the vision which seeks to unify all ethnic groups as well as Basotho within the Diaspora through traditional art, music and heritage.
BACUMA Foundation believes that this collaboration in a form of arts and music between Basotho living Lesotho and South Africa will not only help Basotho to earn living through art but will also assist in eliminating violence and polarises senseless famo killings which have left scores of women and children as widows and orphans.

The ultimate objective of BACUMA is to bring Basotho artists from Lesotho and South Africa to produce a unique orchestra that fuses all Basotho creativity and preserve our rich art and heritage.


BACUMA Foundation Beneficiaries

Social responsibility:

Bacuma foundation is working together with the artists, to locate the children(orphans) of the late famo artists (who were affected by the killings that are happening in this industry)
Bacuma foundation is putting together a trust fund, that will benefits the children and take them back to schools, buy them uniforms and books.
This foundation if focusing on bringing peace among the artists, stop the killings, and accumulating funds to help those who are affected by the killings and have lost their loved ones.